Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography by Lens Out Loud is a multi-day photography experience designed give you the freedom to completely enjoy your destination wedding experience while we capture the finest moments of your trip.

Destination Wedding Photography FAQs

What Are The Fees and Prices for Destination Wedding Photography?
Lens Out Loud destination wedding photography packages are the same as our signature wedding photography packages. Our clients are responsible for the following additional costs:

1) Roundtrip Airfare

2) Baggage fees

3) Hotel accommodations which can vary depending on the length of desired coverage.

4) Rental car, typically required if the location of hotel accommodations for Lens Out Loud photographers are not the same as the clients. We want to ensure we are able to travel to the event site independent of 3rd party transportation services to ensure service is uninterrupted.

5) Vendor meals for the day of the event(s)

6) Per Diem: $30/day per photographer/videographer for meals on travel days and days not on the events

How many people do we need to fly out?
Number of Lens Out Loud artists required is dependent upon a the following factors: Package selection, number of events & event timeline, and number of guests. For example, if you book our photography and videography services, we would need you to fly out up to 2 people: (1) photographer  and (1) cinematographer. In addition, we would like to depart for the destination a day in advanced.

How many days do we need to book your services?
The number of days you need to book depends on the coverage you desire. For example, if you only want the day of your wedding covered, you will need to book us for two days, not just one day. This is our “Plus One Day” policy. Our “Plus One Day” policy is set in place to provide you the best service. We require one additional day so that we can arrive early enough to thoroughly scout your ceremony/reception venue site as well as ensure that we will be on time to the location on the day of your wedding. Being able to thoroughly scout your ceremony/reception venue site(s) helps us familiarize ourselves with the area and pre-select fantastic photography locations for you. Also, arriving early gives you the piece of mind knowing we will be ready on your wedding day. As for the departing flight, we prefer to have the departure tickets booked for the day after your last event day, preferably at a later time in the day.

Do I need to book the flights?
To simplify the process, we have no problem with you booking our flights. This may also allow you to use your travel miles. However, before you purchase tickets on our behalf, we must review and approve the flight information details such as transfers, flight times, layovers etc.

Are package discounts available for destination wedding packages?
We do not offer discounted packages for destination wedding photography packages. The prices would be the same as our regular packages with the additional travel/lodging costs.

Why should we hire Lens Out Loud instead of a hiring a photographer who is located at the destination?
Great question. The number one reason our past clients have decided against hiring foreign photographers has been related to “risk.”

  • Getting Scammed: Sadly, there is a large amount of couples who have been scammed by people posing as destination wedding photographers. These people will go so far as to build a nice website and generate fake reviews for the purpose of collecting payments from unsuspecting couples and simply never show up their wedding.
  • Not Receiving Your Images: This problem has been sometimes linked to the many scams that have victimized many couples. Because there is so much distance between you and the locally baed destination photographer, there is a real chance the photographer may never make the completion of your wedding images a priority.
  • Communication Risk: It is not only harder to coordinate with them about the details of your wedding day but also if you were to have any questions about your images,  rather than having to deal with a prolonged and inconvenient correspondence, you could simply just come directly to us for assistance.

On the flip-side, you get the following benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: Though it sounds super cliché, peace of mind is very real. You never have to worry about any of the above mentioned risks because you will be working with photographers whom you have built a relationship, know where we live, seen them in person, have no worries about language barriers and you can see our portfolio in person. All of this will create such a peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about anything photography related.