Our Photography Style & Approach

Our Approach

“We will not approach your wedding as photographers. We will approach your wedding as storytellers.”

We approach your wedding as storytellers, not as photographers. As creative artists, we photograph your wedding with the goal of presenting your story as a beautiful album. During your initial Meet and Greet with, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas and Mood Board with your certified Lens Out Loud photographer. To illustrate our approach and signature photography styles, we’ve put together this page as a guide to introduce you to the details of our unique photography styles.

Signature Style

“Contemporary, Clean, and Creative”

Our signature style is crisp, clean, and contemporary. Our signature style combines a combination of photography styles which you will see throughout this guide. The combination of our proprietary photography techniques, color grading and editing gives our signature style photography that certain “pop!” Scroll Through The Examples Below!

Vogue Style

“Very Fashion Forward, Dramatic, Moody & Sometimes Intense”

Our Vogue Editorial Style is generally described as “vogue” because it is very fashion forward. The goal is to create images with a high-end fashion forward look & feel. In our approach we incorporate posing, dramatic lighting and post-production often utilized in fashion photography. We will guide you on how to utilize a facial expressions that are more serious, dramatic & intense. The background and surroundings will usually have deep shadows with rich, deep tones to create a moody vibe. Scroll Through The Examples Below!

Eye For Details

“Every Detail Matters, Because You Took The Time To Design It”

We respect the tons of hours and thousands of hours you have spent planning the details of your wedding decor. The flowers, linens, chairs, cake design lighting and all the other details you’ve toiled over for months, we will work to capture those details. The reality is that your wedding day will be an absolute blur- 100% of our brides have reminded us of this fact. The odds are you won’t remember how each of your details. We want to make sure you have beautiful images of your details. Scroll Through The Examples Below!

Natural Posing

“Love comes naturally to you and your fiancé, our approach to posing the both of you will feel the same”

While we understand that you are excited about the photography we will capture for you, we anticipate that you may be inexperienced and you might be a bit uncomfortable and nervous in front of the camera. Don’t fret! We use natural posing to subtly guide you towards your most flattering angles and away from awkward expressions. We create an environment that makes both of you feel comfortable to be yourselves. The end result are images that communicate fun and the love you share for each other. Scroll Through The Examples Below!

Photo Journalism Style

“Our photojournalism style allows us to be storytellers without interfering with the moments at they unfold.”

Our photojournalism style is the approach we use to capture your emotions in an unscripted, unrehearsed, “as it happens” fashion. That moment you were holding back tears, the smiles, the hugs, the kisses, the laughs, and the moments you released those tears. These emotions express the joy you are feeling on the most important day of your life. We want to you reconnect with those emotions every time you look at your wedding images. Scroll Through The Examples Below!

Night Photography

“You will be blown away by the night shots we can create for you”

“Create stunning images without natural sunlight” – This is a challenge most wedding photographers dread. Natural lighting makes it easy for most photographers to capture good photos without having to master the dynamics of lighting. In reality, however, this mindset dramatically limits the abilities and creativity of photographers. Scroll Through The Examples Below!

Having Fun

“Whether we create the opportunity or if it happens naturally, we will capture the fun moments”

The best images are the candid, unscripted, off-the-cuff, funny moments. We all have a silly side and as soon as that side shoes it’s self, our cameras begin firing away. These natural emotions will create the best photos ever! Scroll Through The Examples Below!