Our Philosophy and Responsibility To You

We believe our clients deserve the best experience possible. Creating the best opportunity for our clients begins and ends with the quality of people we hire. Our clients work very hard to have the wedding of their dreams and we firmly believe it is in our responsibility to not only hire professionals that meet our rigorous technical, social and creative skills requirements but to also provide ongoing training to ensure their skills continue to flourish for years to come.

We live in a wonderful era in which technology has become much more affordable. The negative impact affordable technology has on our industry has been that any amateur can visit their local Best Buy to purchase an SLR camera, launch a Facebook page, purchase business cards at Office Depot and crown themselves with title of “professional wedding photographer”- while in reality they are amateurs posing as professionals.

Because our client deserve the best, we educate our clients how to identify the differences amateur and professional grade wedding photography with the presentation of our very own portfolio.

Our Creed

Our studio operates under the following creed:

1. “Tools Not Rules” – We approach weddings with an artist’s mindset using various camera, lighting and other tools and techniques to create the best possible images utilizing our thorough understanding composition, color theory, design, balance, human expression and more. The rules are in place as a starting point. However, we use our tools to extend beyond the rules to delve far into the creative realm of possibilities.

2. “Expecting The Unexpected To Capture Life’s Best Moments” – We have been in business for over 10 years and we focus on having and open mind so that we can maintain a fresh perspective with each and every wedding we photography. Something unexpected is always abound. We train ourselves to be ready to capture life’s best moments.

3. “Photography Communicates What Words Can Not” – We constantly look for the moments in which words can’t express how you feel but a photo can.

4. “Achieve compositional and technical perfection in every image despite the situation” – The skillset of a professional wedding photographer must include an ability to adjust camera settings quickly, mastery of on-and-off camera lighting, anticipate lenses needed for various scene, effectively communicate with the clients and work effective with other wedding professionals. This skillset is critical to the success of achieving compositional and technical perfection in any given situation to create a professional level product.

5. “Respect and Appreciate The Customer” – The average cost of a wedding in U.S. is roughly $30,000. Our customers work very hard to pay for the wedding they have always wanted. Their hard work enables us to do what we love, photography. Because of our client’s hard work, we do our best to understand their needs, respect and appreciate their hard work which enables us to pursue our passion as a career.

Meet The Team

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Cinematographer, Editor
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Photographer, Editor
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